Advisory Board

Next Generation-NOW is a hosted community of the North American Home Furnishings Associations. In order to have the next generation’s voice heard, an advisory board of peers has been created to cultivate the group and ensure they are ready to move the industry forward.


Your Advisory Board Members Are:


Nick Gates
Gates Home Furnishings
I am the 4th generation in our family owned business. Our store is a member of the Pacific Furniture Dealers, WHFA and Furniture 1st.

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Kevin Doran
R&A Marketing

I am Vice President of R&A Marketing. R&A is a full service traditional and digital marketing company from Columbus Ohio. R&A Marketing is a second generation family business that began in 1987. I love everything sports and outdoor related. Love hanging out with my family, friends, and my dog Lucy.

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 Lael Thompson
Broyhill Home Collections / Sonshine Furniture Today Inc.

I am the second generation within my family’s business. I have worked full time in the store since May of 99′. I oversee all of the operations of the store and depending on the day can be taking in a shipment, working the sales floor, and working on financials.

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Alex Macias
Del Sol Furniture

In charge of all retail operations for Muebleria Del Sol Inc, and Red Tag Furniture LLC. Responsible for effectively managing recruitment, sales training, sales goals, product development and merchandising and marketing strategies.

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Sara Wedding

Editor in Chief – Casegoods Web Content Manager & Recruitment Director

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Amy Albert
Pilgrim Furniture City

Pilgrim was started by my Grandfather and is a family owned store and I am the 3rd generation to work in the business.

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Sydnee Seites

I am a millennial, and new to this industry. I live for research, science, 5 o’clock & the outdoors.

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Interested in participating? Contact Sydnee Seites to get involved.